Info Alert: CompScisters/CompSciblings groups - come along today!


Calling all you Utterly Udacious Udacians !!!

Discussion groups (on Facebook) CompScisters and CompSciblings are entering their second semester of operation.

If you are interested in gender-related issues, and are taking the free on-line courses offered by Udacity, Coursera, or MITx within the STEM (1) departments, please consider joining us !

These groups are not specifically study groups, (although there are certainly sometimes study-related discussions and threads in them ) - they are more oriented to being a place for discussion, support, socializing, networking and occasional generalised hi-jinks!

So if you are interested in how gender issues relate to STEM (*), and would like to network with others with similar interests, come along and see us today!

CompScisters Women only please :) (2)

CompSciblings All genders welcome! (male/female/trans/other)

CompBros - doesn't exist yet, but if any of you XY types feel the need or desire, go ahead and start it! (feel free to choose own name of course :) )

(1) STEM = "Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics"

(2) Formerly AI-Systers

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Wendy Langer

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While we are speaking of other forums to join I wanted to make certain that we also mention the following Facebook Forums which have nothing to do with gender and everything to do with cs101 and cs373 :

Support for cs101 can be found in the Facebook group : "Udacity CS 101 Building A Search Engine"
Support for cs373 can be found in the Facebook group : "Programming A Robotic Car - Taught by Sebastian Thrun"

Support for Python programming can be found in : "Python Boot Camp for Udacity CS 373" (which can also support cs101)

I apologize for not providing links, but there is a bug that is not allowing me to link properly, and if I put in a straight URL this post will not show up due to another forum bug..

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2 Answers:

We really do not know why the numbers are as low as they are, but we do know that discrimination, at least in the USA, has little to nothing to do with it. It seems to be a choice that girls and women have been consistently making, and this is despite the fact that over 50% of medical school applicants are women..
In STEM, just as in AI Class, there were only 10% of us, and that was the reason we formed these two groups.

CompScisters is a place to hang out and be with others who have had similar experiences, much of the talk is technical and professional, but it is super nice to interface in an environment with so many peers. It is primarily a social experience for women. I can't tell you how exciting it is for me meet women from Pakistan, Katmandu, Madrid.. all over the world - and we all share the exact same experience - for what ever reason our numbers are very very low.

But CompSciblings is where the real work is being done by both men and women.. looking at studies, trying to figure out what exactly is causing those numbers to be so low. We were honored this week for Peter Norvig to join this group. Both Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig have acknowledged that they themselves have witnessed this issue, and are concerned about it. Sebastian made mention of this topic at DLD, he feels strongly that he is "missing half of the population" in the field of AI (and Computer Science generally).
So, join us, we would genuinely appreciate your contribution - and have I mentioned, Wendy Langer bakes a really mean chocolate chip cookie ?


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Jacqueline S...


How do I get some of those cookies?

(26 Feb '12, 12:47)

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Much appreciated. Not for me but maybe others will be up for it :D good luck!


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