Running App Engine From Behind A Proxy

So, I am running Python 2.6.1 on my computer, and just installed google App Engine.

As soon as i click on the App Engine Launcher, it gives an error dialog box and asks me to check the GoogleAppEngineLauncher.exe file for more details.

I have appended the log file below:

   File "", line 42, in <module>
   File "wx\_core.pyc", line 7913, in __init__
   File "wx\_core.pyc", line 7487, in _BootstrapApp
   File "launcher\app.pyc", line 58, in OnInit
   File "launcher\app.pyc", line 152, in _VersionCheck
   File "urllib.pyc", line 82, in urlopen
   File "urllib.pyc", line 190, in open
   File "urllib.pyc", line 338, in open_http
   File "urllib.pyc", line 351, in http_error
   File "urllib.pyc", line 702, in http_error_407
   File "urllib.pyc", line 714, in retry_proxy_http_basic_auth
   File "urllib.pyc", line 773, in get_user_passwd
   File "urllib.pyc", line 782, in prompt_user_passwd
   EOFError: EOF when reading a line

From the file, I get the feeling that It's about giving the right details about Proxy.

I have checked up

It seems that it is about making some edits to some particular .py file so that I can enter my proxy settings, and username/password.

I have also come across few suggestions telling me to set the proxy in environment variables at the command prompt - but that hasn't worked. Any suggestions, please?

asked 06 Jun '12, 13:52

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Dharav Solanki

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2 Answers:

What I did when I ran it under a proxy was, I added the environment variable "http_proxy" and set it to the proxy I was using ( to my list of environment variables (go to My Computer -> Right Click -> Properties -> Advanced System Settings -> Advanced tab -> Environment variables.

I use Windows 7.


answered 06 Jun '12, 21:03

Ashwin%20Menon's gravatar image

Ashwin Menon

Thanks Ashwin. I have done that.

Before doing that:
App Engine Launches, but terminates as soon as it does with a dialog box.
Could run locally using command prompt
* Eclipse would run - but neither locally nor deploy

After doing the variables thing:
App Engine Runs and can run the web app locally.
Deploying is still a trouble.
* COmmand Prompt STILL can run locally but cannot deploy.

The problem, as seems to be on Google Code Issue 4849, seems to be with a urllib2 file : but I cannot figure out a way to use that patch!


answered 06 Jun '12, 21:40

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Dharav Solanki

Are you sure you are using the latest version of GAE?

(06 Jun '12, 21:52)

Ashwin Menon

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1.6.6 - thats the one I found on Google's website. I understand the whole problem with should have been resolved on an update.

If you are behind a proxy that requires authentication - and you are able to deploy - it probably means that you have an updated file. Could you send it over? You could host it on a dropbox public folder or something.

(06 Jun '12, 22:24)

Dharav Solanki

Dharav%20Solanki's gravatar image

If possible, you should upgrade to Python 2.7

(06 Jun '12, 22:55)


Stephan2's gravatar image

Do you mean All my files seem to be empty except for comments. Oh, and I am not behind a proxy right now, unfortunately.

(06 Jun '12, 23:11)

Ashwin Menon

Ashwin%20Menon's gravatar image

I have updraded, Stephan. And I managed to make it work, finally!

(06 Jun '12, 23:42)

Dharav Solanki

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