TUTORIAL: Deploying an App from Google App Engine


I've seen quite a few people posting on here with issues in deploying and even ran into a couple myself -- so hopefully this tutorial will help us all get launched and ready to go for Unit 2. :)

Note: This tutorial assumes that you've already registered an account for Google App Engines and have installed the related program -- we'll be showing how to navigate a few options here.

Deploying your application from your local machine to the Internet is as simple as hitting the blue 'Deploy' icon in Google App Engine's toolbar, but without knowing how to set things up first that could be quite a pain! For example, you could see an error like this...

Google App Engine displays an error -- "This application does not exist"

...when attempting to deploy. What could be causing this?

1) Create An Application

When attempting to first create an application, you're asked to specify two values -- an Application Identifier and an Application Title. The Application Identifier is tied to the URL you will access the application with online, and the application title could be whatever you want. I think a lot of people have made their title the same as their local directory name, like so...

A view of the "Create an App" page showing the Application Title as "hello-udacity".

A view of the Google App Engine Application overview.

...which has led to some problems, because the Application Identifier and the Application Title are being mistaken when we attempt to deploy. Don't worry though, fixing this is only a matter of changing a single line!

2) Checking app.yaml to confirm that Application is the same as Application Identifier

In your app's local directory, open the app.yaml file to edit. You can think of this as a sort of configuration file for the application. Inside, we're going to edit the first line called Application: and make sure that the information there matches our Application Identifier that we just registered online.

A view of the app.yaml file, with our new value on the first line.

If you noticed in the first error image, my app was initially named herpderp -- and has now been changed to hyperanthony to match the app that is online.

3) Deploy!

If all's well that ends well, you should be ready to go! Hit the blue deploy button and your app should launch successfully! You can check here to confirm that I'm not a dirty liar. :)

Other pitfalls: I can't input a valid password to deploy. It's asking for my google username and password, and I have two-step verification enabled.

In this situation, your password will not be your typical google password -- but rather a one time, application-specific password that you can generate from your Google account settings page. Under the Security header, click the Edit link to the right of "Authorizing applications & sites." Scroll to the bottom of the page, and there should be a text field with a button next to it that says "Generate."

In the text field, type something that will let you remember what this password is for -- Google App Engine or Udacity, for example -- and then press generate. This password will be the one you need to use to deploy!

Other pitfalls: How can I edit app.yaml?

A simple word editor should allow you to edit app.yaml -- something like notepad or vi or vim on Linux/Mac from the terminal. Just type vim app.yaml and the text editor will open. Here's a vim cheatsheet for help navigating.

Other pitfalls: I'm using Mac and have Python pre-installed, and I get the error "Python 2.5 is too old to emulate the Python 2.7 runtime. Please use Python 2.6 or Python 2.7."

Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) supports Python 2.7, but anything before that will come installed with an earlier version of Python (likely 2.5) and so you'll need to update. You can download a more recent version here.

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Anthony Neace

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Great tutorial Anthony! Just as an appendix, lemme add a link to a how-to I did to install google app on Mac OS: http://forums.udacity.com/cs253-april2012/questions/4389/how-ive-made-the-google-app-work-for-me-mac-os-x

(22 Apr '12, 22:40)

ricardo miki...

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@ricardo mikio morita Sure thing, thanks for sharing! You mentioned in your link that you had some warning messages pop up and it looks like nobody ever answered you on that -- you might want to reply to/edit your post with some more details on those warning messages so maybe somebody could figure them out. :)

(22 Apr '12, 23:02)

Anthony Neace

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That two-step verification thing really is a PITA, thanks for the advice on that bit! I had nearly given up :)

(23 Apr '12, 19:07)

Andy Hayden

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Saved me a lot of unproductive effort! Thank you so much!!

(24 Apr '12, 01:52)

Rishav Agarwal

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thank you! I was going nowhere before I saw this

(24 Apr '12, 12:12)


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Thank you so much. this helped me finally get my app deployed. I can see it now at http://fanudacityapp1.appspot.com. even if I have never figure out to see it on my localhost. (I can run but not localhost 8082)

(24 Apr '12, 16:56)


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@Fan Were you similarly using the colon to separate localhost and 8082?

(25 Apr '12, 02:46)

Anthony Neace

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You don't need python 2.7 to run GAE. 2.7 was added about 6mo ago and had major performance problems, from what i read i don't feel comfortable switching yet. The reason you are getting the error shown is because your app.yaml specifies you want python27, which you apparently did not have.

(01 Jun '12, 17:41)


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I am getting errors from the following lines and below:
Starting update of app: benholdingcs253, version: 1
10:22 AM Getting current resource limits.
2012-11-13 10:22:42,562 ERROR appcfg.py:2202 An error occurred processing file '': <urlopen error="" tunnel="" connection="" failed:="" 407="" proxy="" authorization="" required="">. Aborting.
ending with:
2012-11-13 10:22:42 (Process exited with code 1)

I have tried deploying both from home and from work computers but seem to going no where. Can you help? Am I missing something really obvious?

(13 Nov '12, 05:32)

Ben Holding

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Thanks so much!

(03 Jun '13, 17:55)

Pooja M

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Thank you so much!! Your solution helped me to solve this problem I had spent along time on......

(17 Jul '13, 12:20)


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some light at the beginning of tunnel, great job @anthony!

(19 Nov '13, 05:20)


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Hi thanks a ton !! i was able to successfully deploy my application. However i could not find the button to grant a permission to my application. When I open a Security tab there is only button of enabling/disabling access to other less secure apps. So now the problem whenever i have to deploy my app i have to enable it everytime otherwise i get authentication error. how can i grant a permission to my app ? May be now google has been updated thats why i can't see the buttons you are suggesting. please help.

(12 Oct, 14:08)


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thanks it works!!


answered 08 Oct, 08:26

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God Bless you God Bless you God Bless you God Bless you God Bless you God Bless you God Bless you :-)


answered 10 Jul, 04:50

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When I clicked Deploy I get error message:

Fatal Error
No deploy command (installation problem?)

Why is that?


answered 27 Jun, 16:19

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Thanks man! I was missing the Deplot part! Nice tutorial!


answered 20 Jan, 22:24

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have a look at this video .............


answered 16 Jun '13, 08:22

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my app.yaml has same application name still error is coming..


answered 04 Nov '13, 12:47

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@ shavika.. you can watch the youtube link below and if the error exists, mail me at bikesorcars@gmail.com

(05 Nov '13, 01:24)


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still same error is occuring
i dont know why?
my app id same in app.yaml
please someone tell me whats wrong?

(12 Nov '13, 13:15)


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Thanks very much, this was very helpful!


answered 02 May '13, 21:03

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Thank you!
I didn't realize the id had to be the same as the first line in app.yaml.
Then I figured out I was supposed to go to that website to test it.
Thank you.


answered 17 Apr '13, 21:49

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Many thanks!


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