The Higher Education Monopoly is Crumbling As We Speak!


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Very interesting article. I'm very eager to see where the Udacity learning path brings me.

Besides the formal education you have, various certifications are becoming more and more important
way to show your skills to your clients, potential employers, and they give you in some cases access or rights to make certain things in the company or institute you work or work for.

For example the are certified professional programs offered by Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, National Instruments

I see Udacity more like to be an university, which offers higher lever education compared to the certificates above that demonstrate that you master some language, tool etc.


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Jari Ylinen

Awesome. Sadly, I'm sure it's just a matter of time before the US Government figures out a way to label online education as terrorist activity and it all gets shutdown. Unless of course they figure out a way to profit off of "free".

Sorry...I probably shouldn't have taken it there. Couldn't help it considering student loans is one of the next big bubbles here in the states and free online courses spits in the face of that entire corrupt industry. Awesome article though :)


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David Smith

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Too true....

(13 Mar '12, 11:25)

Rafael Esper...

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Look out for the black helicopters. You know too much. ;-)

(13 Mar '12, 11:58)

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Yeah no kidding. They already frequently follow me because I'm an avid reader of zerohedge ;)

(13 Mar '12, 14:39)

David Smith

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"...figures out a way to label online education as terrorist activity and it all gets shutdown..." and then we'll have 'Edu-Torrent' and 'The Learning Bay'. I'm more concerned about the actions of multi-nationals trying to bring in international policy such as SOPA. While something like Udacity could be perfectly legal, it could be taken offline simply because party X claims that page ABC.html violates some aspect of copyright, and keep it offline for months at a time.

(31 Mar '12, 20:40)

Aaron Newton

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... and [or so it will seem], given so few years , so will most everything that you hold: dear, immutable, sacrosanct, understand and [wish to be] inviolate. It's the natural state of mind of the observer who is able to watch time passing.


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You'll get no argument from me. It's pretty petrifying that the Attorney General can give a speech stating that the Constitution only guarantees due process and not judicial process and that due process can be nothing more than a teleconference with the president about whether or not to kill one of its countries own citizens. Very scary times. And lets not get started on the NDAA....

(In case it wasn't obvious the teleconference portion of the above comment was me paraphrasing but the slippery slope has been stepped on and it's only a matter of time before the big fat pig that is our government lands on all it's citizens heads.)

(13 Mar '12, 14:42)

David Smith

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Apologies again mathprof. We're turning your perfectly good future of higher education thread into a "damn the man" vent :)

(13 Mar '12, 14:46)

David Smith

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That's OK dshmif, it's totally understandable (and nice to hear someone else venting, for a change!).

(17 Mar '12, 08:15)

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You did it again: shared a very cool article. Thanks for the article and keep 'em coming!


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If assist to a present class is hihgher education what is this?


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Steven Sierr...

I don't understand what you're asking.. can you clarify please?

(17 Mar '12, 12:45)

Rafael Esper...

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Dear Udacity students,

I need some help with my thesis and I see that you would be able to contribute greatly!

I am currently writing my master thesis from Copenhagen Business School (CBS). My topic is open education, more specifically MOOCs - what it is and what it might be?

To understand what capabilities Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) have, I would like to interview students who have completed one or more courses. The interview method is appreciative, and the goal of the interview is to illuminate MOOCs capabilities through a process of discovery, with focus on lived experiences, dreams, designs and destinies of new educational models.

If you would like to share your story and thoughts on this matter, please contact me via email on or reply here.

The interview length is ca. 30 min.
It will be conducted through a Skype or Adobe Connect meeting and recorded. All information you provide is confidential. I will use the data, but compile it into themes using data from other interviews. No names will be associated with the overall summary or report. Stories and quotes from the interview may be used without a name associated with them.

Sun. 2/24
Mon. 2/25
Tue. 2/26
Wed 2/27
Thur 2/28
Sun 3/3
Mon 3/4
Tue 3/5
Wed 3/6
Fri 3/8
Sat 3/9
Sun 3/10
Mon 3/11
Tue 3/12
Wed 3/13

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Kind Regards
Thomas Rousing


answered 21 Feb '13, 05:55

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Thomas Rousing

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