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How do I run the python interpreter on my computer? I am told I need to run it. But Where and how?

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asked 10 May '12, 00:24

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I think they mean in the multiple choice questions.

I am thinking the same, you are told you can use the python interpretor to test out the problems before choosing them.
However, these multiple choice parts do not bring up the interpretor and so you cannot use it.

I think the interpretor should always be loaded under the video section so we can use it any time, that or have a link at the side which open the interpretor.


answered 20 May '12, 15:14

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Hallo Hitesh,

In the Course Frequently Asked Questions ( it says:

Do I need to download Python on my computer?
You do not need to download Python to take the course, as we provide
all the necessary tools right in your browser. If you prefer to
experiment locally you can download Python.

If you do want to download Python, the link is:
or you may like to visit which has links to installers for whichever operating system you have, I recommend choosing the 2.7.3 version if you want to work with the course material.

(Note, the course uses Python 2.6, there are later versions but these may use different syntax, so your answers might not work the same locally and here).

There is discussion on the best Integrated Development Environment (IDE), if you use Windows you can read more here:

Hope this helps!


answered 10 May '12, 00:40

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print 60*24*7*7


answered 05 Jun '12, 03:51

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Paul Carberry

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You should download the free Python interpreter at You can write and test your code
before writing it in the question box, or you can simply copy and paste it. Hope this helps!


answered 22 Jun '12, 12:35

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Tim Gibson

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