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Since this is a self paced course, what is the date for the final exam?

asked 17 Apr '12, 01:14

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I understood self-paced to mean that it was no longer a seven week course... that if it took ten weeks to finish that was fine. Now I'm worried that I won't be through all the units for the end of May final exam.

Hopefully there is some other opportunity to take the exam at a later date.

(26 Apr '12, 21:22)

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There will be another exam later.

(27 Apr '12, 07:36)

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4 Answers:

The official statement regarding the final exam: "There will be at least two opportunities to take an exam for this course. One after about 7 weeks and the other approximately 8 weeks later. Dates to be confirmed." - I guess we'll have to wait a little bit. Hope that's helpful.


answered 17 Apr '12, 09:41

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Refer the announcements.In that they say "The two courses that are offered for the second time - CS101 (Building a Search Engine) and CS373 (Programming a Robotic Car) will have no deadlines, and you will be able to work through them at your own pace.You can start at any time, and take as much time as needed to finish the course."So whats this?When does our final exam?


answered 17 Apr '12, 10:11

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The first offering of CS101 was a 7-week course. It would be safe to assume that you have seven weeks to complete everything at your pace is my educated guess.


answered 17 Apr '12, 07:12

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Just after Unit 7.


answered 17 Apr '12, 09:54

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