Macro- or Micro-Entrepreneur?

In the last few years, major structural changes have occurred in economies around the world. The need for greater effectiveness and efficiencies creates many opportunities for a variety of startup types. Each type of startup adds value to various products and/or services. The definition of a Startup is discussed at this link:
Definition of a start up

Startups can range from one person working at home part-time to generate supplemental income, to one person operating a home-based business (micro-entrepreneur), to a small business working from one or more offices, or from an incubator or an accelerator (macro-entrepreneur). Focus on 1 of 4 quadrants: Innovation Led, 2nd Stage, Main Street, or Micro-enterprise business. Quadrants created from a collaboration between the Kauffman Foundation, UMKC and SBA.

As a first step, YOU need to figure out what kind of a startup business YOU might be successful at based on your passions and natural abilities. Detrermine what type of business mirrors your interests and skills.
Startups: Don't Know What To Do? Try Business Model YOU


Once you have started, develop a playbook for how you will size, scale, and exit the business.
Should The Startup Include the Exit Strategy?

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