Udacity IDE issue

When clicking on the Udacity IDE link a get redirected to the course home page https://www.udacity.com/course/cs046

is there any way to fix that?


asked 14 Jun '13, 04:07

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I have the same trouble!

(14 Jun '13, 05:58)


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One Answer:

Hmmm this is a very odd problem, I'm looking into it now here is the link to the Udacity IDE

UDACITY IDE For Lesson 4 Working with numbers


answered 14 Jun '13, 11:31

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John-432 ♦♦

Your link brings you to the course homepage.

(14 Jun '13, 11:36)


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Still does not work...

By the way. I am taking another Udacity course and on the other course, whenever I go to it, it starts where I left last time. In this course, whenever I go to it, it goes to the course home page (https://www.udacity.com/course/cs046)

Maybe those problems are related.

(and the same happens on Chrome, Firefox and ie)

(14 Jun '13, 11:37)


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Hmmmm this is very odd indeed then give me a minute

(14 Jun '13, 11:37)

John-432 ♦♦

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I made some changes could you please try the link and report to me again, Thank you very much guys and sorry for the inconvenience!

(14 Jun '13, 11:39)

John-432 ♦♦

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still not working

(14 Jun '13, 13:04)


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Alright this time it should be working! :)

(14 Jun '13, 14:51)

John-432 ♦♦

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That worked thanks.

(14 Jun '13, 15:07)


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