Correlation and Causation Assignment, real life example

I didn't find it in the news, but a real life example of what I understand from the lesson on Correlation vs. Causation.

I would like to add an example of this that happened to me the other day. We all know that many of the new faucet installations in public bathrooms have motion activation. You wave your hand in front of the faucet and the water runs. When you are done the water stops. Well the other day I was in a public bathroom without this type of installation.
So, I had to manually turn on the tap. However when I finished washing my hands at the sink, I unconsciously left the water running. This is because we have been conditioned by newer taps that turn on and off by themselves. After realizing and listening to the running water, I turned back and shut it off manually.

So I thought of this "correlation" and "causation" lesson. Newer "automatic" taps are a "causation" for some people who forget to shut off the water from manual taps.
The correlation between two variables, the amount (or installations of) of "manual" water taps vs. the amount of "automatic" water taps; does not necessarily reflect the "causation" of people leaving a "manual" water tap running.

Does that reflect our lesson?, Is my explanation understandable?

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Here is a link to a subject that I have been curious about for some time.
It is about people with university degrees getting higher incomes over their lifetimes than people without university degrees. This is only one of many articles by governments and universities that have been done over the years. While it is true that there is a good correlation between degrees and incomes; just having a degree does not guarantee a higher income. More people with higher intelligence and/or more money go to university in the first place. They may have earned higher wages even if they had not gone to college.. Education is certainly one factor, but a university degree is not necessary to obtain an education; although it certainly helps.


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